GMA / A Race Against Blindness

Boy sees national parks after he’s diagnosed with disease that causes blindness l GMA

“The Murph” / #VANLIFE Style / 2023

We never miss “The Murph” on Memorial Day. This is The Murph on the road #VanLife family style!

Victoria IronMan 70.3 / Pre-Race 2023

Pre-race day event with our non-profit fundraising goals and mission.

Victoria IronMan 70.3 / Race Day 2023

An emotional day for the entire team with our blood, sweat, and tears for our mission on full display. We will not quit.

Enter to Win a Custom Adventure Van

You can win a custom adventure van.  You help us cure childhood blindness.  WIN + WIN!

Our Mission – Our Son is Going Blind

Luke is going blind due to a rare condition called retinitis pigmentosa caused by Bardet Biedl Syndrome. We are actively supporting a new treatment that is ready to go to clinical trials in 2024 – IF we get the funding.