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We’re Funding Sight-Saving Clinical Trials to Treat Childhood Blindness.

Our goal is to advance therapies for pediatric inherited retinal diseases. Our current mission: we are fundraising for a new gene therapy for RP/BBS1 - a rare but devastating cause of childhood blindness.

There is hope for childhood blindness
funding the best in retinitis pigmentosa research
impacting clinical trials

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See our Feature on Good Morning America!

Luke’s story of seeing the world before losing more vision was featured on GMA, helping propel our mission to the national level.

We were told there was nothing we could do about it. Now, we have every reason to hope, if we stand together.


How We’re Going To Beat Childhood Blindness

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)?

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) can be caused by many conditions. Luke’s condition is caused by Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS), which affects multiple organ systems, including the eyes. There is a slow, progressive loss of vision until many BBS patients become blind in their teenage years.

We have a chance to change the future for children like Luke.
We were told there was no cure.

Now We're Funding Clinical Trials

The medical research involved in vision saving treatment and restorative therapy is advancing rapidly. This is excellent news! However, funding is significantly limited. Private funding, such as the money we raise, remains the main driver for much of this innovation. Your support is vital to saving children’s vision.

    We Have the Best Helping

    We're supporting sight-saving clinical trials


    We’ve set up our non-profit to minimize expenses and support sight saving research through philanthropy. Our current target is supporting a therapy for retinitis pigmentosa due to BBS-1. A similar gene therapy, Luxturna, is FDA approved to treat retinitis pigmentosa due to Leber congenital amaurosis. This therapy uses a similar gene therapy model with some minor changes. With each successive gene therapy treatment that is successful, it becomes easier to develop treatments for more genetic subtypes and thus treat a wider patient population.

    Elevating the Rare Disease Community


    With your help, we can fight to streamline the FDA approval process for rare diseases, which is incredibly time-consuming and expensive. We want to ensure access to therapies for even the most rare diseases. With each successive new therapy that advances, this opens the door for new therapies. We plan to advocate with regulatory agencies to help enforce the need to continue advancing rare disease approval pathyways.


    How You Can Support


    Every donation, no matter how large or small, makes an impact. The efficiency of our mission to support clinical research makes every dollar count.



    Donate and help fund life-saving research for children. Your donation enters you into giveaways like the 2023 Beast Mode Adventure Van.



    Create your own events or help out at one of ours! Be a part of our operations, write letters to donors, or help solicit donations: the possibilities are endless.

    there is hope

    Meet the Team

    We founded the nonprofit when we found out our son has a rare genetic condition and is slowly going blind. But that really only scratches the surface in terms of our motivation. Since learning of Luke’s diagnosis, we have become strongly connected to the rare-diseases community. While rare diseases are actually not unusual, with more than 7,000 diseases classified by the FDA as rare, each one individually often affects only a small number of people. Thus many rare diseases don’t receive enough attention and resources to help fund research for adequate treatments or even possible cures.