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See our feature on Good Morning America!

Luke’s story of seeing the world before losing more vision was featured on GMA, helping propel our mission to the national level.

Watch the story of A Race Against Blindness

We are a family run and founded non-profit.  After learning that our son is going blind due to a rare genetic condition, we took action to support a cure.

Winner announcement of the Van Fundraiser 2023

Watch Eric learn he just won an adventure van in our fundraiser to help cure RP/BBS.  His support is a vital part of our mission to fund a clinical trial to save childhood eyesight.

Eric takes home an adventure van!

Eric was the winner of our first huge fundraiser to fund a clinical trial to cure childhood blindness.  Watch as he takes home his prize.  This could YOU in our next fundraiser!

We literally RACE against blindness!

One of our awareness and fundraising campaigns is to literally RACE against blindness.  Watch as we get ready for race day 2023 at the Victoria Ironman.

The big race – Victoria Ironman!

This was a day full of emotions as we literally laid it all on the line to raise money and awareness for our son, and be a strong example for him for overcoming challenges.