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Dream Build Adventure Van

🚐 WE decked out the exterior of this brand new 2024 Custom Sprinter Van with $40k of accessories.

🚐 YOU get to custom design and build the interior with the help of our sponsor Rossmönster Vans, suited to YOUR #VanLife needs.

💰 The interior build budget is $90k with Rossmönster Vans, plus we also include $50k cash.

LAUNCH SPECIAL: 5X entry multiplier live for a LIMITED time.

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How the build works

Create a van suited to YOUR unique needs

Having given away two(!) adventure vans already, and lived in one ourselves, we know everyone's #VanLife needs are unique. There are many choices when it comes to crafting a van that fits your lifestyle. Rossmönster, our sponsor, has been building vans since 2010, and they will simplify the process to create an amazing van you'll use for years to come. Here are a few steps and design choices you'll have:


Sleeping Arrangements

Are you a solo traveler or a family in need of sleeping for 6?! There are many ways to customize sleeping and seating, and this is a key first step to your custom build. Pop-top, lift bed, dinette conversion, you call it!


Bath and Shower Design

Do you want an interior shower, exterior shower, or BOTH?! Where do you want the sink? Toilet - yay or nay? Everyone has different preferences, so YOU choose where and how with this custom build.


Create your look, feel & finishes

How do you want your Van to look? Light and bright? Dark and rugged? Colorful and cheery? Create your own unique look and feel, as you determine the rest of your van layout for seating and storage.


Power and functional features

Rossmönster will help you determine your battery, solar, and inverter needs for your intended use. The appliances or other unique needs will determine exactly how to round out your build.

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We are family run and do not take any executive salaries. We believe is prioritizing experiences, adventure, and sight seeing. We travel as much as we can to gain as many experiences and visual memories as possible, while Luke still has good eyesight. These core values are the foundation for WHY we want to host adventure vehicle giveaways. We genuinely want to share this with others.

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